Zinnor 4pcs Medical Zipper Stitch Wound Closure Device Wound Closure Zipper

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Wound closure device is made of PU material, a pair of polypropylene hasps and liner.

Wound closure device is an innovative and non-invasive techniques to close the wound without sutures.

Physical action and the unique design can reduce and break down the surrounding tension, which decreases the risk of scars.

It can be used as first aid kits and easy to apply.

Medical adhesive tape, waterproof and stable adhesiveness, low risks of allergies.

It can meet different arcs of wounds and multiple types of wounds are widely used.


Material: PU

Size: 70 x 60 mm (2.8"L x 2.36"W)

Internal mouth: 1cm (0.39")



4* Wound Closure Device

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