Fabric decoration---the fashionable new style of the city

Indoor fabrics are widely used, and there are many varieties. Mainly include curtains, door curtains, curtains, bedspreads, fabric sofas, sofa cushions, etc. These fabrics occupy a very important position in the family. The area occupied in the residence is also relatively large, so the color and pattern of the fabric is also a very troublesome thing; usually the use of household fabrics is designed in a complete set, so that the living room can be coordinated and unified, creating a more pleasant and warm effect . It is best to avoid thick and complicated patterns when choosing fabric fabrics, because complicated patterns are easy to make people restless, and the mood is not easy to stabilize. Choose fabrics with light colors and delicate patterns as room decorations, which can not only adjust the monotonous color of the room, but also create pleasure , A clear and relaxed atmosphere.