Vinmax A drop of blood detector HD professional blood analysis CT microscope blood cell analyzer


Size: 7inch
Sale price$239.99


Product description:

Can be connected to TV or computer display. A drop of blood test to see ovulation, mites. Professional Microbiology Research.

Bright background/black background, two options.

What is black background?

No dust particles floating in the air can be seen in a bright room. When the curtains are closed or the lights are turned off, the room is completely dark, and then a projection lamp is turned on. At this time, it will be found that the light path illuminated by the projection lamp will be transparent or semi-transparent. Transparent little dust.

The black background uses this principle to see more transparent or opaque impurities that cannot be seen on the white background, such as triglycerides, platelets, parasites, etc.

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