Butterfly Memory Foam Bedding Pillow Magnetic Slow Rebound

SKU: 47054171-white-60x34cm

Color: White
Size: 60x34cm
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Product Name: Butterfly Memory Pillow

Pillow Core: Memory Foam Memory Foam (Polyurethane)

Gauge: Small Number 50*30*10/6cm, Large Size 60*34*12/6cm

Pillowcase Fabric: Jacquard Point Velvet, Knitted Fabric

Part Color: All Pictures Are Shown

Pillow Core:

I: Insist on Using Raw Materials and Raw Materials of Products.

2: Experienced Technicians and Quality Inspectors Should Start to Check from the Source of the Pillow Layer by Layer to Control the Feel of the Inner Core of the Pillow and the Time of Memory Foam.

Pillow Sleeve:
First: The Coat Has a Wide Range of Fabrics, Many Patterns and Full Colors;
Second: Cutting Technology, Fine Workmanship of the Coat, to Ensure That the Coat Is Docile.

The advantages of using memory foam

The butterfly memory foam contours to the body shape for a better spinal alignment and optimal support to the neck & head. The slow rebound prevents deformation of pillow, allowing you to enjoy your stress releasing sleep for a longer time through years.

Easy Breather softness rich pillow

Experience a relaxed body and mind after every sleep using this ultra-soft bedding pillow. Designed to absorb water, the bamboo fiber pillow is suitable for use in homes, hotels, and even while travelling. Anti-apnea orthopedic use pillow enhances support and reduces the number of turns.

Three Curves for a good night sleep

The butterfly shaped pillow has three different curves at required angles and heights for maximum comfort. It is 50cm long and 30cm wide with 6cm high at the front and 10cm high at the back.

Breathable, Soft, and Durable – all at the same time

Cervical pillow with memory foam, bamboo fiber fabric is super comfortable. The polyester cotton blend fabric has durable seams and heavy-duty zipper that locks smoothly in place. The zippered pillow case is easy to uncover and can be washed when required. The breathable jersey is made to take the shape of the pillow.

Comfortable Pillow Experience

For the 1/3rd part of your life that you spend in sleeping, choose a pillow that not only assures a quality sleep, but also takes care of your head, neck and cervical at the same time. This anti-static travel pillow makes your bed, the warmest and secure place where you can lie down to ease out your stress, headache, and neck pain.

Continuous Support all night long

After a long tiring day, everyone deserves a good sleep which is not possible without a comfortable pillow. The neck protection pillow aids in providing quality and healthy sleep. This memory foam pillow is available in six different color velvet fabric covers to choose from.


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