5m Portable Adjustable Controlle Electric Car Charging Stations

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1.J1772 Type 1

2.Type 2 (IEC62196)


It is a compact portable level 2 EV charging station, it is an ideal solution for low-cost charging in your garage or to keep in the trunk of your electric vehicle for charging at work or at home or on trips.
Main Features:
•Input Power:110V-250V AC
•ChargingCurrent:8/10A/13A/16A adjustable.(It will charge your car with the same current next time.)
•Length: 5 meters
•Output Power:3.6KW
• Mechanical life: plug in/out > 10000 times
• Impact of external force:can afford 1m drop and 2t vehicle run over pressure
•Insulation resistance:> 1000MD (DC500V)
• Terminal temperature rise:< 50K
•Housing Fire Rating:UL94V-0
Control Box Function:
1. Leakage protection
2. Over-voltage or Low-voltage protection
3. Over-load protection
4. Lightning protection
5. Over-heat protection
6. Change current:8A/10A/13A/16A
LED Display:
1. Charging Temperature
2. Charging Current
3.Charging Voltage
4. Energy Charged in KW/h
5. Charged time.
6. Set Current

Method of use:
The blue button is for adjusting current. Push the blue button to change the current. When you adjust the current,the power plug is always connected, type 1SAE J1772(or type 2)plug is disconnected. When you get to the current you want, plug it in and start charging.
Is this charger suitable for my car?
Please check your car charging port carefully, type 1 is 5 pins, type 2 is 7 pins as below picture.

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