Cervical Neck Traction Device for Instant Neck Pain Relief Neck Support Brace

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 About this item

✅INFLATABLE CERVICAL NECK TRACTION DEVICE - Designed to relieve cervical pain and tension, the neck traction device provides you with adjustable support to the cervical spine, helps relieve headaches, stiffness or dizziness. Besides, it can fix incorrect sitting posture and alleviate fatigue and stress when working. One size fits all.
 – You can control the amount of air in this inflatable neck brace to get optimal support, and two sticking straps enable you to customize the tightness so it won't choke you or cut the breath. The surface material is incredibly soft and breathable flocking fabric, which is very comfortable when wearing.

 - When you go out, the neck relaxer can be easily deflated and be put into your bag or suitcase without burden. You can stretch your neck to alleviate pain almost anytime anywhere, No Assembly Required. Just enjoy the comfort and convenience that our neck decompressor brings to you.

- The neck inflatable stretcher is made in high-quality material and can effectively offer spine alignment and chronic neck pain relief. With this easy neck traction pillow, you can alleviate nerve tensions at home and reduce unnecessary visits to the physical therapists when you get better.

- Our product is portable, lightweight and so easy to use that you will be able to use it while watching tv, working, or walking around your house. This is great because you will no longer have to sit in a chair looking at a door while doing a stretch. Even take it on business travel to decompress after a long day or on vacations if the family is giving you migraines.

How Does Our Neck Stretcher Work?

Place the Neck Stretcher around your neck with put the sticking straps in front. You can use a mirror to help.

Sit up straight, and rest your back in the chair.

Start inflating until you feel a light stretch of the neck. Let your head rest comfortably inside the pillow. Relax your muscles.

 Pump it again in gradual increments as you get used to the stretching effect. Enjoy the swift pain relief and muscle relaxation!

 We suggest that you use the neck traction device 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes per session, gradually increasing the length of the sessions over time.






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