Vinmax Digital fat caliper, fat clip, sebum clip, body fat clip, body fat clamp, fat clamp, skinfold thickness measurement

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Product description

  1. Electronic digital fat measuring forceps
  2. Lightweight and convenient
  3. Intuitive readings
  4. accurate measurement
  5. mm/inch one-key conversion
  6. Anti-slip handle
  7. Large capacity battery
  8. Using 3v CR2032 lithium battery
  9. Long-lasting power and more durable

Instructions for use:

Simple measurement method

Measure 1 part of the iliac spine (both sides of the lower abdomen)

Rough measurement of body fat percentage suitable for one-person operation

first step

Combine the jaws, press the zero button, the screen displays 0.0mm

second step

Firmly pinch the skin fold with thumb and forefinger

third step

Clamp the skin fold with the jaws until the touch is slightly painful, press the hold key to hold the data, repeat three times to get the average


Professional measurement methods

The biceps brachii, triceps brachii, subscapular angle, and iliac crest (both sides of the lower abdomen) were measured. This measurement method, the body fat rate data obtained by the measurement is relatively accurate, suitable for professional fitness measurement, the disadvantage is that the measurement method is relatively complicated, one person cannot measure 4 parts, and others need to cooperate with the measurement.


  • One-click reset
  • Power on and off
  • data retention
  • unit conversion
  • Rounded corners do not hurt the skin
  • Smooth and rounded measuring head to prevent scratches
  • Anti-slip tooth edge, humanized design

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