Vinmax Facial Skin Tester Beauty Salon Facial Skin Moisture Analysis Instrument Smart Mirror Skin Tester

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Product description

Fourth generation pentaspectral magic mirror

Smart skin detector

Accurate analysis of skin quality, skin diseases, and skin age

The world's first fourth-generation magic mirror instrument created by using artificial intelligence deep learning technology, face recognition technology, cloud computing technology and other high-tech technologies

11 Skin Analysis Ways to Keep Your Skin Problems Uncovered

skin texture, spots, pores, wrinkles, moisture, skin tone, roughness, UV spots, brown spots, texture, acne

Complete face detection in ten seconds

Skin problem module, comprehensive report module, customer profile module, skin evaluation module, skin attribute module, comparative analysis module, solution module, cloud data storage module

Applicable places: hospital dermatology, cosmetic stores, beauty salons

  1. Spectral imaging technology, allowing you to have a rational basis/original split design
  2. 2000W high-definition camera, more clearly and accurately capture the current situation of the skin
  3. Cloud technology computing storage, face recognition, artificial intelligence operation

According to skin age, provide detailed analysis reports for individual differences, and establish care plans

  1. One-piece design, unique shape

Comes with a wireless tablet for easy operation

  1. Skin care for skin problems

Know Your Skin / Find the Right Solution for You

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