Vinmax Gastrointestinal endoscope CV170 image processing device LED cold light source electronic gastroscope GIF-H170 digestion

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Compatible with EVIS 100/130/140 series, Aozhi 150 series, EVIS EXERA 160 series, EVIS EXERA II 180 series and GI/BF/VISERA series endoscopes. Note that there are some exceptions.

Compact design with LED technology

The CV-170 image processing unit has built-in LED lights, which are sufficient to achieve the brightness level required for gastroscopic observation. In addition, because the LED light source has a long service life, the bulb needs to be replaced. The maintenance time and operating costs are thus large.

Portable Storage Device Compatibility

Portable storage devices (MAJ-1925) have become data interchangeable. Olympus now offers a CV-170 compatible memory port. A high-speed dedicated portable 2GB memory, compatible with computers, the CV-170 will automatically transfer the captured pictures to the memory, you can also download information from a computer or other recording equipment to the memory. This saves system settings, user presets and patient data. The high-speed recording of this memory makes data management fast and efficient.

Dedicated display LMD-1951MC

27-inch LCD display, high brightness, high contrast and excellent picture reproduction

Multiple display modes, including mirror image, picture-in-picture mode, can view the same real-time image at the same time

Supports a wide range of input/output ports including composite, Y/C, RGB/component, HD15 and DVI-D inputs. The built-in optional port can realize the input/output of HD-SDI/SD-SDI signal.

Special trolley TC-A5

Compatible with all kinds of OLYMPUS equipment (except EUS equipment), equipped with large-size monitors (such as OEV262H), which can effectively store equipment cables, simple and compact, with a neat and uniform appearance, saving space in the endoscope room.

Thanks to advanced viewing capabilities, capture and processing of HDTV images, screening is further

HDTV imaging capability, 170 endoscope system delivers high-resolution images with sharp edges and clear details

GIF-H170 CF-H170L/I

NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)

NBI enhances the mucosal surface, greatly reduces invasive examinations (such as necessary biopsies), and improves examination quality. NBI is realized in the 170 endoscopy system, combined with HDTV, which greatly improves the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

GIF-H170 CF-H170L/I

Principles of NBI

NBI is an optical image enhancement technique used to enhance the visualization of mucosal surfaces and other structures. Because the gastrointestinal tract is mainly composed of and mucosa, narrow-wave light can pass through the tissue surface and be strongly absorbed by hemoglobin, which is an ideal light source to emphasize the contrast between the two.

For close-up observation, the tip of the endoscope is brought close to the mucosa to 2mm to obtain a magnified close-up image.

The pre-freeze feature saves time and increases the sense of accomplishment when capturing still images. The new CV-170 can automatically buffer a continuous and rapid series of progress images. When capturing still images, the pre-freeze function analyzes and saves the clearest of the first few images. This function can help to obtain a clear image recording in a short time.


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