Vinmax Lidless Fabric boxes for storing greeting cards Drawer Arrangement Storage Box Six-Piece Set

SKU: 55234785

Color: Beige
Sale price$12.99


Fine workmanship: The product has fine workmanship, smooth wiring, and is sturdy and durable.
This storage box can be used to store underwear, socks, greeting cards and other small things to help your room become tidy.
Beautiful and practical: it can be used as a drawer at the same time, it can be folded and placed directly when not in use, it will not take up too much space, which is very convenient.
The storage box is made of high-quality environmentally friendly non-woven materials, which can be reused and protect the environment.
A variety of colors and sizes are available to meet your different needs.
Storage box*1
Material: brand new non-woven fabric + cardboard
Product weight: 0.65KG
Product size: Small: 12*15*15cm (2 pieces)
Middle: 12*14.5*28.5cm (2 pieces)
Large: 12*28*28cm (2 pieces)
Product packaging:OPP bag *1
Package dimensions:42.5*12*3.5cm


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