Vinmax non-electric Manual juicer Fruit presses squeeze juice lemon clip for household purposes

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The manual press can squeeze out the original juice, which is more refreshing.
Compared with the electric juicer, the juice squeezed by the manual juicer retains more nutrients.
Small and light, easy to carry, low noise when used, easy to clean, and can be used repeatedly.
Made of thickened aluminum alloy, it is more durable, safe and hygienic.
Humanized handle design, beautiful arc, can squeeze out juice with less force, can be disassembled for easy cleaning.
Material: New imported aluminum alloy, resistant to falling and wear, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, food-grade materials
Packing: 24PCS
Outer box size: 50.5cmx44cmx52.3cm
Uses: Juice, beverages, hot drinks, milk tea shops, cafes, hotels can be used for home use
Separate bubble bag + color box packaging

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