Massage Chair Home Full Body Multifunctional Electric Zero Gravity Space Capsule Sofa

SKU: V0004

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Product description:

Full body 360 degree wrapping massage, intelligent massage system

Massage Wellness Program

LCD large screen control

wormwood hot compress

All-inclusive U-shaped headrest

foot kneading

hot compress for waist, back and legs

Bluetooth Speaker

Butt massage

zero gravity

Various massage techniques

Leg extension

wider coverage

upper body massage

Elastic massage head

Various techniques massage

lower body massage

Enjoy a zero-gravity massage, while enjoying light music to relax your body and mind, wormwood to help you sleep, and fall asleep quickly

space saving

Fit the human body curve, fit massage from head to toe

No installation, one-piece molding

Say goodbye to installation troubles, out of the box

Simulation of human hand massage, 4 neck spring massage heads, softer, more comfortable experience, deeper and fuller experience

Chinese wormwood hot compress

Mugwort hot compress on the back, warm and accessible to the whole body

Airbag wave massage combined with warm compress to relieve leg pressure

relieve head pressure

Three-stage foot massage

Simulated hand massage

High quality motor, all copper mute


Eco-friendly PU leather

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