Zinnor 14L 900W Dental Lab Autoclave Sterilizer Steam Medical Sterilization Equipment

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Operational steps

  1. Preparation: open the sterilizer door. For the first time, remove the disk and rack and other accessories from the sterilizing chamber and remove the package. remove the Machine bottom. Temperature protection switch cap.
  2. Plug in the power cord. Plug the steam discharge pipe into the No.6 steam outlet. (push to the end)
  3. Tighten the steam exhaust valve in the direction of the clock. Sterilize room into about 750ml distilled water.
  4. turn the timer knob to ℃121 position. Close the door cover until the power light is on. to begin sterilization.
  5. sterilization is complete. please make sure to open the release valve of rotary steam first. (To spin off against the clock) steam and water. waiting the pressure gauge until the pointer is zero .


Input power: AC110V; 60±1Hz

Capacity: 14L

Power: 900VA(W)

Sterilization time:121℃ ; 25 MIN

Sterilization temperature:121℃

Operating ambient temperature:5-40℃

Application: It is widely used in the field of stomatological and ophthalmologic hospital, pedicure salon, beauty salon, etc.


Every time sterilization, must add about 800 ml of distilled water

Use a separate socket (confirm the socket of the output voltage)

Pressure gauge pointer in the red areas, please be sure to first Open the exhaust steam of the needle valve

Package Includes:

1*main body



1*Take Plate tool

1*steam exhaust pipe


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