Vinmax Electronic light therapy apparatus for the skin 7 Colors LED Light Photodynamic Facial Skin Care Body

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7 Colors LED Light Photon Therapy

LED doesn’t heat up or burn skin.

Easy to operate with full touch screen

Low cost on cure, longevity and simple maintenance.

Fit for any kind of skin.

Electric stimulation treatment and replace taking medicine. Kill the bacteria that makes and spot, prevent from relapse

Main Function And Advantage

Help activate collagen and promote the growth of skin collagen to make the skin more transparent and moisturized.

Tighten the pores, Increase skin brightness to make skin smooth and supple. Accelerate the detoxification.

Effectively accelerate skin metabolism and promote the excretion of skin toxins.

Improve skin permeability. Increase oxygen to keep skin moisture. Repair the skin.

Promote blood circulation, dilute edema and red blood cells.

Improve sleep quality. Improve blood circulation and relaxation. Enhance immune system.

Relieves pain and stiffness and also promotes the skin health.

Decrease scars


Material: ABS




Number of LED:287 leds


Function of kinds of Light

Blue Light

With wave length of 423nm,the blue light kills bacterial in acne, suppress sebaceous gland and prevent wounded skin area from infection.

Green Light

With wave length of 532nm,the light can penetrate skin depth up to 0.5-2mm , effective in calming senstitive skin.

Yellow Light

With wave length of 583nm,this light modde can penetrate skin depth up to 1-2mm. Effective in reducing skin red spots,relieving skin swelling and pigment swelling.

Red Light

With wave length of 640nm,this mode of light can penetrate skin tissues up to 1-6mm. It is very effective in promoting bloody circulation,healing acne caused scars,curing skin allergic dermatitis and relieving pain in skin. Also the red light can help fully acitvate effective constituent in skin care products.

Purple Light

With wave length of 690nm,the purple light is a dual-band lightformed by red and blue light. Thus the purple light has two phototherapy effects. It is effectively in reducing acne and pimpl.

Blue + Green Light

With wave length of 490nm,the light can promote skin cell activity and skin tissues metabolism.

Red Light+Green Light

It can penetrate deeply into skun quicken skin metabolism and smoothen wrinkles.

Package included

1x Main machine

1x Adapter

1x Protection Eye Mask

1x Manual

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