Vinmax Shockwave Pain Therapy Device Electromagnetic High Frequency Penetration Pain Relief ED Shockwave Device

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Product description

Penetration force reaches the fascia layer

New electromagnetic

Shockwave therapy machine

Soothing massage efficient penetration

Dredge the meridian

Accelerate bone remodeling and healing Promote the lysis of calcified fibroblasts

Improve microcirculation and metabolism

The site of action is clear, with minimal impact on surrounding tissues.

The electronic shock wave uses the principle of sound wave. The massage effect reaches to the fascia layer, which can move the fascia and muscle, thus alleviating a series of problems caused by muscle strain and strain. For people with long-term muscle strain, the first feeling brought by the lattice shock wave is pain and shock.

Because muscles are stuck with fascia for a long time, the position of muscles and fascia has been twisted. To remove the stuck muscles and fascia, we need to use the force that can penetrate into the fascia layer to remove them, so that they can return to the correct natural position. Therefore, using electronic shock wave massage, the sound

wave effect can reach the fascia layer, making the experiencer feel 'pain" and 'shock"

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