Tinsay Protective Full Face Shield with 10 Clear Visors and Adjustable Safety Film for Dental Procedures and More - Face Masks for use by Dental Care Providers

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  • Adjustable Dental Full Face with10 Plastic Protective Film

Adjustable Dental Face Shield with10 Plastic Protective Film 



Detachable Face Shield Blue Super Light Frame Plus 10pcs Protective Plastic Film




1.Anti-fog and foam padded to provide extra comfort and safely against fluid and debris to the facial area

2. Made of super transparent, recyclable PET material 

3.Coverage from top of the eyebrow to undermeath the chin area

4.Adjustable Full Face Shield with 10 pieces of CLEAR Detachable Visors 

5.Rotates up to 120 degrees, making for easy adjustment



Package:1 set Face masks for use by dental care providers (1 frame+10 visors)

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