Vinmax Electric hair combs Head Massager Brush Vibrating Comb Hair Care Anti Hair Loss Massage

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This section head massage comb can deep clean the scalp, effectively remove dandruff, scalp pomade, prevent dry hair, make the hair black, beautiful.

The depth of activation of hair follicle cells of the head, repair damaged hair, alopecia, alopecia areata, inhibition to promote hair growth, hair care, hair.

Stimulate the head acupuncture points, clear the head of the meridians and collaterals, improve sleep quality, improve memory, avoid nervous breakdown.

The use of soft materials, brush, use a sense than professional hairdresser's hand washing is more comfortable, but also the pores of the dirt washed thoroughly.

Avoid using nails rubbing the scalp, not only can reduce dirt transfer, but also reduce the scalp injury.

The electric washing brush "wire" design, even carry out is very convenient.


1x Head Massager Brush

1x Power line

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