18inch Autumn Rattan Weave berry Maple Leaf Decoration Wreath

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1、Front Door Decoration: Red autumn cloth flowers on the base of the wreath made of a large number of natural plants, hand-made from berry clusters and various autumn leaves. The leaves and berries of this autumn wreath have a light and airy feel that is perfect for harvest time decoration! Realistic leaves in various stages of autumn colors and berries complete the appearance of a autumn wreath.
2、Indoor and Outdoor Use: This decorative garland is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Hang it above the fireplace and place it on the front or living room wall. This wreath will bring you a pleasant autumn atmosphere. If you are showing outdoors, place your wreath in a place that avoids direct moisture.
3、Unique Design: Artificial maple leaves and various berry clusters add a fresh harvest to any room.
4、Quality Material: This exquisite piece uses the highest quality permanent/artificial material vine base, size: about 45CM/17.72IN.
5、Great Gift: This wreath is perfect for updating your Thanksgiving, Fall and Autumn decorations and is a great gift! This autumn wreath is filled with beautifully blended autumn leaves for you to enjoy. Try this wreath and you will like it. We promise.


Name: Rattan Fruit Branch Wreath
Size: about 45cm/17.72in

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