Winkle Removal Beauty Facial Beauty Machine Radio Skin Frequency 3 in 1

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  • Painless to skin without taking anesthetic pills or surgery.
  • Safe and effective.
  • Taking little time for recovery and no effect on regular working or living.
  • Minimum side effects.
  • Obvious and lasting long-time results.



Radio Skin Frequency skin softening anti-aging device is a non-invasive beauty method which can replace surgery lifting, it is a safe, no side effect, no need to stop working, single course beauty treatment method. This treatment system is characteristic. Not only it has instant skin firming effect, also can achieve the effect of prompting collagen long-lasting regeneration effect. Skin with elasticity, the main reason is skin dermis collagen fiber forming skin frame.


Microneedle roller Function:

Stimulate the collagen production

Reduce pore size and firming

Improve elasticity of skin

Smooth acne scars

Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circle

Skin friendly, safe and faster skin restructuring


Radio Skin Frequency: 2MHz

Radio Skin Frequency Applicator: Bipolar

Power: 75W

Package includes:

1*Radio Skin Frequency Beauty Machine

1*Hand Piece



1*English User Manual



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