Green plants---creating a natural environment
Modern urban life is lined with tall buildings, noisy cities, and dense buildings. There are only crowds and traffic, and gradually people are far away from nature, and it is difficult to feel the fragrance of green trees, grasses and flowers, so after the decoration is completed. Begin to place love on potted flowers and trees, and then create your own green space. Green is a symbol of life and peace. It has vitality. Decorating a room with plants can not only feel the breath of nature, but green plants can also play a role in refreshing the indoor environment and regulating indoor air. The placement of plants in the room is also an important item in the design of the room. For example, the lighting and the height of the interval are both important expressions of taste. If placed properly, the room will be more pleasant and full of vitality. Put a pot of roses in front of the dazzling collection of treasures. The fragrance of the flowers in the room will make your furnishings more noble. In the uneven places in the room, use green plants to find balance, which not only remedies the defects, but also planted green. Why not take it? On the pillars made of prominent beams, planting some drooping ivy vines, a kind of poetic and picturesque taste, fully expresses the occupants' love of life and the beautiful mood of advocating nature.