Balcony decoration---the passage of internal and external spaces

Ventilation, ventilation, lighting, cooling, drying clothes, drying clothes, etc., are naturally some of the functions of the balcony. But in addition to these, potted flowers and plants embellish life more beautifully, and are also an important potential function of the balcony that cannot be ignored. In order to prevent sunlight in the midsummer season, a relatively solid textile can be used to make an awning. The awning itself not only has a decorative effect, but also shelters the wind and rain. The awning can also be made of bamboo curtains and curtains. The awning should be made to roll up and down or retractable, so as to adjust the area, position and angle of sunlight as required. At the same time, the room on the balcony side can be protected from strong sunlight, forming a comfortable environment for indoor work and rest. For the balcony for rest and dining, a small amount of furniture is still necessary. Since the area and load-bearing capacity of the balcony are limited, the furniture on the balcony should be light-weight folding furniture. The balcony is the most suitable place for families to grow all kinds of flowers and plants. Potted plants can be placed on the balcony railings, but you should pay attention to safety and install guardrails to prevent the flowerpot from falling and hurting people. Vertical ropes, plastic pipelines, etc. can also be set up to grow grapes, creepers and other climbing plants, which on the one hand beautifies the balcony, and can also play a role in blocking the sun in the summer. In addition to green plants and flowers that can play the role of decorating the balcony, the side walls and ground of the balcony are also the focus of decoration and beautification. For example, ornaments such as ceramic wall hangings, hanging plates, sculptures and so on can be hung on the neat and tidy side walls, and some partition walls can also be made into the form of bogu racks for placing decorative utensils. On the smooth and elegant wall, you can also hang woven fabrics made of firewood, grass, reed, brown, hemp, corn husk and other materials as decorations. The floor of the balcony can be decorated with old carpets or other materials. Increase the comfort when walking.