Smart home---the standard of modern life

Smart home, also known as home automation, is to connect various devices in the home, such as lighting, audio, air conditioning, ventilators, alarms, electric curtains, sensors, and various other home appliances through a dedicated network, to achieve automation Functions such as control, remote control, voice control and one-button control enhance the convenience, comfort and safety of home life.

The smart home system can automatically control the work of air-conditioning, lighting, audio and video systems and other equipment through information such as the temperature, humidity, brightness, presence or absence of human activity, sound level, and vibration of the home environment; it can also realize man-machine dialogue through voice interfaces such as smart speakers , Control the corresponding equipment through voice; you can also remotely control the equipment at home through mobile APP, webpage and other methods. Information such as the operating status of home equipment, real-time images, snapshots, and alarms can be fed back to the user's mobile phone through mobile apps, etc., so that users can know the situation at home no matter where they are. On the whole, compared with traditional homes, smart homes have realized the automation and intelligence of home life, and have almost become the standard equipment of modern life.